About Us


  • Karl Winter and Shari Winter each have 28 years experience in group travel sales.
  • Dan Ellis has over 30 years experience in group travel sales.
  • Experienced long-standing staff and airline trained group-ticketing agents.
  • Staff of 9 dedicated to group ski travel fulfillment.
  • We use properties that work for groups – lots of twin beds, great location, and hot tubs.


  • No automated phone attendant
    • 24/7 emergency phone services during ski season.
    • Monday thru Friday during normal business hours.
  • Same day / 48 hour response time to all inquiries.
  • Courtesy follow-up call during trip and upon return.

Major Organizations To Which We Belong:

  • SkiTops
  • ARC – Fully Appointed
  • IATAN – Fully Appointed

Group Travel:

  • Group travel is our only business.
  • We currently work with clubs & councils in the following regions – Midwest (including Kansas & Nebraska), Northeast, Southeast, and South.